Happy Aggregator Tournament at Jozz Casino

Happy Aggregator Tournament at Jozz Casino

August 6 at 15:00 MSK on the site Jozz kicked off the tournament “Aggregator Happiness” for fans of slot machines. The total prize fund of the competition – 750 euros. To register for the competition are allowed all customers of the site, who clicked on the button “Participate” on the page of the event. There is no qualification. Participation is free of charge. There are no loyalty requirements. The number of prizes – 35. The minimum bet is 0.01 USD or the equivalent in the player’s account currency. The maximum limits are not set. The tournament will end on the 13th of August at 15:00 MSK.

The format of the tournament is a rating race on points. During the period users make bets in the qualification slots of the competition and earn points for the leaderboard. For each 0.01 USD of money wagered, a participant is awarded 1 tournament point. All points gained are continuously summed up during the race.

Suppose the client made several bets with a total sum of 547 USD during the campaign. It means that at the end of the competition this player will get the following points: 547 * 100 = 54 700. The 35 best participants who gained the maximum amount of points become winners and share the prize of 750 Euros:

place tournament winnings
1100 USD
280 USD
370 USD
460 USD
550 USD
645 USD
740 USD
835 USD
930 USD
1025 USD
1123 USD
1221 USD
1319 USD
1417 USD
1515 USD
1613 USD
1712 USD
1811 USD
1910 USD
209 USD
218 USD
227 USD
236 USD
24-255 USD
26-294 USD
30-353 USD

Totals are updated every 5 minutes. At the end of the contest all the prizes will be credited automatically. Money is paid into the main account without wagering requirements. Only real currency bets are valid in this race.

Qualifying slots: 777 Gems Respin, 4 Horsemen, All Ways Win, Wild Easter, Arcane Gems, Dragon’s Gift, Diamond Vapor, Hellcatraz and several others.

With respect to this tournament, all standard rules and bonus clauses of the Joz Playground remain in effect. By clicking on the “Participate” button on the race page, the client automatically agrees to the requirements imposed. For any gross violation of the applicable casino user agreement, such player will be immediately disqualified without the right to receive a prize if he wins.

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