Habanero Up Tournament at Pin Up Casino

Habanero Up Tournament at Pin Up Casino

From 01:01 (MSC) December 1 to 02:59 (MSC) December 8, the online casino Pin Up is hosting a Habanero Up contest that video slot fans will love. 400 winners will win a valuable prize of EUR 10,000. Registration and a desire to win will be required. The minimum bet is €0.1.

The competition is based on a maximum points mechanism. Points are awarded based on total bets. For €1, or its equivalent, one point will be added to the standings. Results are published automatically on the online casino website. Only bets made from the main playing account are taken into account.

For example, a participant runs slots, spent €400. 400 points will be recorded. The same system applies to other currencies. The more points, the higher position on the leaderboard.

The prize pool of 10,000 EUR will be drawn after the end of the competition. Each of the 400 lucky winners will receive a share of the total prize. It looks like this:

PlaceWinning, in euros

Prizes for players are paid in real money. The prizes will be credited within 72 hours of the end of the contest. The currency will be used, which the client specified when registering an account. There are no wagering rules with a wager.

In order to accumulate tournament points, you will need to run the video slots of the tournament, for example: Cash Reef, Cake Valley, Juggernaut, Jungle Rumple, Gangsters, Kane`s, Queen of Queens, Presto, Space Fortune and others.

Each participant of the race must use his personal account created on the Pin Up site. Duplication is considered an infringement and is forbidden by the administration and the provider running the tournament. The rules are subject to change during the process and the participants will be informed additionally.

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