GoodWine Wonders Tournament at Goodwin Casino

GoodWine Wonders Tournament at Goodwin Casino

Goodwin Casino conducts a series of daily tournaments “GoodWine Wonders! Bets on all slot machines count towards the competition. Bets on table games do not count.

A participant is considered to be a player who has funded his account on the day of the competition and registered on the competition page. There is no entry fee, admission is free. Players can only participate in one Goodwin Casino Challenge at a time.

The goal is to collect the maximum number of points. A player receives 1 point for 1 euro won. Wagers made on bonus money are not accepted


The prize pool is $100 at the beginning of the contest, but grows as players wager and can reach $200.

The winner receives 50% of the prize pool, 33% for second place and 17% for third place. The number of points scored is displayed in the leaderboard on the tournament page. The winnings are credited to the main balance and are immediately available for withdrawal.

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