Gold of Egypt Tournament at Bonanza Casino

Gold of Egypt Tournament at Bonanza Casino

On the 20th of every month at 10:00 MSK Bonanza online casino starts the competition “Gold of Egypt” for fans of slot machines. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 5,000 in bonuses. All players who registered on the official Bonanza site are allowed to participate. There is no need to qualify. There is no entry fee. The number of winners – 30. The competition lasts exactly 1 month, after which the results are summed up.

The user is automatically registered in the competition, when they make a deposit. The tournament takes place in a lottery format. For every single deposit from 500 RUB/10 EUR/10 USD/30 PLN a user receives 1 ticket. It has a unique number. Under the current rules, an unlimited number of lottery tickets can be assigned to a player. A participant may claim several prizes in a contest.

At the conclusion of the contest, the draw is automatic. Winners are determined using a random number generator. There are 30 winning tickets available in the raffle. The $3,000 prize pool is distributed as follows:

1540 USD
2490 USD
3440 USD
4400 USD
5350 USD
6320 USD
7290 USD
8260 USD
9230 USD
10210 USD
11180 USD
12160 USD
13150 USD
14130 USD
15120 USD
16100 USD
1790 USD
1880 USD
1970 USD
2060 USD
2160 USD
2250 USD
2340 USD
2440 USD
2530 USD
2630 USD
2720 USD
2820 USD
2920 USD
3020 USD

Prizes are credited immediately after the drawing results are summed up. The amount received is displayed in the cashier, in the “Bonuses” section. The reward is subject to wagering with a wager of x25. The conditions must be met within 3 days after receipt. The maximum withdrawal is x1 of the winning amount.

All standard provisions of the Bonanza Casino User Agreement apply to this promotion. The organizer reserves the right to change the current conditions of the lottery at any time. If it is found during the competition that the player intentionally violates the rules of the site, his participation will be forcibly terminated.

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