Friday the 13th tournament at Riobet casino

Friday the 13th tournament at Riobet casino

Friday the 13th tournament for fans of machines started on the site of Riobet on August 13. In this tournament the prize fund of 3000 euros will be drawn. The number of winners is 60. Participation is available to all registered customers regardless of VIP status. There is no need to pass qualification. There is no entry fee. Minimum bet is 50 rubles per spin. Results of the competition will be announced on August 18 at 00:00 MSK.

To win the race the user must collect the maximum number of points by making real bets in the qualifying slots. Points are awarded only for winning rounds. Every winning multiplier x1 is equal to 1 point. At the same time, the number of points credited may increase depending on the initial size of the bet. Important:

  • For a bet of 200 rubles, the points are increased by x1.5.
  • From 500 – x2.
  • From 1000 – x3.
  • Suppose the client made two bets of 250 and 750 rubles during the campaign. The winnings were 2250 and 8800 respectively. Thus, by the end of the race the participant will get the following amount of points: (2250 RUB / 250) * 1.5 + (8800 RUB / 750) * 2 = 13.5 + 23.46 = 36.96.

    The 60 players who will finish the tournament with the maximum sum of points, become the winners and will share the prize money of 3000 EUR between them:

    PlaceTournament winnings, in EUR

    If more than one player has a claim to one prize place in the standings, the first player to score points will win. Only real bets are involved in this tournament. Bonus account spins will not be included in the final point total.

    Qualifying slots: Blood Suckers, Dark Vortex, Voodoo Magic, Lost Vegas, Draculas, Circus of Horror, Necromancer, The Dark Joker Rizes, The Wolf’s Bane.

    These terms and conditions of the race may be amended or changed by the organizer at any time. All standard rules and bonus provisions of Riobet remain valid. By confirming participation in the race, the client automatically agrees to the requirements.

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