Fire Breath Tournament at Riobet Casino

Fire Breath Tournament at Riobet Casino

On April 18 at 16:00 MSK at online casino Riobet starts tournament Fire Breath for fans of video slots. The total prize pool competition – $ 1000. Participate can any registered user of the casino, betting in the slot machines. There is no qualification. Entry fee is not required. There are 30 prizes in the tournament. The minimum bet to participate is 0.25 EUR and the maximum is 125 EUR. The tournament will last one day, and will end on April 19 at 16:00 MSK.

The tournament is held in a rating race format. Winners are determined by counting the points accumulated for scrolling slot Double Dragons. The task is to collect 4 fire dragon heads for the minimum number of spins. The fewer rounds a player plays and gets all 4 symbols, the more points he will get.

After 50 spins the user can restart the mission and try again. In the final calculation of points only the best result with the minimum number of spins will be taken into account. At the end of the contest, the top 30 players with the most points become the winners and share the $1000 prize money:

1200 USD
2100 USD
390 USD
480 USD
570 USD
660 USD
750 USD
840 USD
935 USD
1025 USD
11-1520 USD
16-2015 USD
21-2510 USD
26-305 USD

If a tournament results in more than one contender with the same score, the award will go to the player who has the earliest score. The money is paid out immediately after the completion of the race. There are no wagering requirements. Only real money bets on Double Dragons video slot from the developer Yggdrasil Gaming count towards the prize.

The company reserves the right to change the conditions of the race at any time. All standard rules of Riobet Casino shall remain in force. Any action contrary to the User Agreement will result in the total disqualification of such player without the right to the payment of prizes in case of victory.

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