Everything Black Tournament at Betshah Casino

Everything Black Tournament at Betshah Casino

On May 12 at 23:00 Moscow time at Betshah Casino the Everything Black Tournament for live dealer games lovers started. The prize fund of the competition is progressive, formed by bets of participants. The race is available to all registered customers. They need to make real bets in live casino games. There is no entry fee. Qualification is not required. The minimum bet is 2.36 euros. The number of prizes – 30. The results will be announced on June 10 at 23:00 Moscow time.

To start the race, the user needs to open any game from the tournament list. To win the competition, participants need to earn as many ranking points as possible for betting. Points are calculated from the net winnings. For each Euro a user will receive one point. All points earned are added up for the duration of the tournament.

Let’s say the user made several bets for a total amount of 120 EUR. The final winnings are equal to 710 EUR. So, the points for this user will be calculated as follows: 710 EUR – 120 EUR = 590. Top-30 participants, who finished the tournament with the best rating indices, become the winners of the competition and divide the prize pool between them in the following ratio:


All prizes will be paid to winners’ accounts within 5 business days of the end of the contest. There are no rollover requirements. Only real wagers on Switch Blackjack, Blackjack FTV, Live Blackjack are eligible for the race.

The terms and conditions of the tournament may be amended or changed by the organizer at any time. All standard rules of the Betshah site remain valid. Any actions that violate the User Agreement will result in the disqualification of such participant with forfeiture of the tournament winnings in the event of victory.

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