Eurochampion Tournament at Casino X

Eurochampion Tournament at Casino X

On June 16, Casino X kicked off its “EuroChampion” tournament series for sports betting enthusiasts. Tournaments are held weekly from Friday through Sunday. The prize pool is 870,000 rubles. The number of winning places in the rating table is 420.

All registered customers who place bets on Euro-2020 matches during the tournament are allowed to participate. There are no qualifications. No additional fees are required. The minimum bet amount is €1 or the equivalent in the currency of the account. The series will run until July 12, 01:00 Moscow time.

This competition takes into account only bets made on matches of the European Football Championship. Winners are determined by the maximum amount of winnings received during the tournament. The progress in the competition is accumulated during the whole period. The more winnings the client receives by the time the results are announced, the higher he will be in the rating table.

The top 420 contestants who completed the period with the best tournament indicators are placed in the prize zone of the competition. 870 000 roubles are allocated according to the following table:

186,411.29 RUB
264 808.47 RUB
351,846.78 RUB
443,205.64 RUB
535 564.51 RUB
625,923.39 RUB
721,602.82 RUB
812,961.69 RUB
912,961.69 RUB
1012,961.69 RUB
118641.12 RUB
128641.12 RUB
138641.12 RUB
148641.12 RUB
158641,12 RUB
164320,56 RUB
174320,56 RUB
184320,56 RUB
194320,56 RUB
204320,56 RUB
21-701,250 RUB
71-1201,000 RUB
121-170750 RUB
171-320500 RUB
321-420250 RUB

All prizes will be awarded as soon as possible after the end of the contest. The tournament prize for places 1-20 is paid with real money with no wagering requirements, for places 21-420 the free bet coupons with a wager of x10. Freebets can only be used on FIFA18 games.

The Casino Administration reserves the right to change the current campaign terms and conditions without prior notice. The standard rules and regulations of the Casino X operator’s bonus policy remain valid. By participating in the race, the user automatically agrees to all tournament requirements.

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