Combinations tournament with Kachalov at PokerMatch Casino

Combinations tournament with Kachalov at PokerMatch Casino

From October 19 to 31 a series of one-day poker tournaments takes place at the online casino PokerMatch. The total prize fund is 260,000 UAH. Every day we will draw 20 000 UAH among poker players. Anyone who wants to become a participant can do it. There is no entry fee and no qualifications. The number of prizes – 20.

To participate in the tournament you need to play at the boost cash tables No Limit Hold’em on limits from 5 / 10 UAH during the tournament. The minimum combination – full house (222ХХ). The winners of the competition are the players who have collected the best poker combinations during the test day. Both pocket cards must be used.

For example, a player has a square of Aces and a King of Kickers (AAAAK). However, his pocket cards are A and K, and the other three aces are off the board. In such cases, the combination does not count. In this example, the player must have two aces as pocket cards.

The hand collected counts for the tournament only if the player either reached the showdown with it (he does not have to win) or won the hand before the showdown, when all other players have passed their cards. In case of identical combinations the one who collected his cards first is higher in the standings.

The current progress can be tracked on the casino website in the “Promotions” section. The system of prize fund distribution is as follows:

5,000 UAH
4,000 UAH
2,000 UAH
1,000 UAH
750 UAH
500 UAH
250 UAH

The daily scoring period starts at 00:00 (MSC) and ends at 23:59 (MSC). Tournament winnings are paid automatically within 15 minutes after the end of the day.

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