Chinese May Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

Chinese May Tournament at PokerMatch Casino

On April 26 the tournament “Chinese in May” for poker fans started at PokerMatch casino. The guaranteed prize fund of the tournament is 200 000 UAH. All the registered clients who play Windfall-tournaments on Open-face Chinese Poker are allowed to participate. The number of prizes – 15. There is no qualification. Entry fee starts from 10 UAH and varies depending on the tournament. The qualifying period will end on May 10 at 03:59, Moscow time.

To start the race, you need to go to the competition page in the game client and click on the button “Participate”. During the campaign, users compete against each other, accumulating ranking points. The higher the entry fee and place obtained in the tournament, the more points are awarded to the participant. See the following table for a more detailed point system:

Entry fee1st place in the tournament2nd place in the tournament3rd place in the tournament
From 10 to 50500 points250 points100 points
100 UAH1000 points500 points200 points
200 UAH2000 points1000 points400 points
500 UAH5000 points2500 points1000 points
1000 UAH10 000 points5000 points2000 points

Also all players can win up to 10 000 Hryvnias additionally. Each time a multiplier of x10 is found in a spin, the user is awarded a Trump card. After its activation the participant receives one of the following prizes:

Prize Chance of redemption
5 UAH60%
10 UAH35%
100 UAH4.889%
1000 UAH0,10%
10,000 UAH0.01%
100,000 UAH0.001%

According to the results of the period, the 15 best players who scored the highest number of points become the winners of the competition. The prize fund of 200 000 hryvnias is distributed as follows:

144,000 UAH
236,000 UAH
324,000 UAH
420,000 UAH
516,000 UAH
612,000 UAH
710,000 UAH
88,000 UAH
96000 UAH
10-154000 UAH

Prize payout is automatic within 15 minutes after the end of the period. The money is credited without any wagering requirements. Trump card must be activated no later than 48 hours after receiving it.

These contest rules can be changed or amended by PokerMatch at any time. All standard site rules will remain in force. Any action contrary to this User Agreement will result in disqualification of the player and forfeiture of any prize money in the event of victory.

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