Casino X Private Club Tournament

Casino X Private Club Tournament

On November 1, Casino X unveiled its “Private Club” tournament for slot machine enthusiasts. The prize pool is declared 1,000 EUR and 950 FS. The prize increases throughout the tournament.

To take part in the tournament, just visit the official website and register. There are no loyalty requirements. There is no entry fee. There are 50 prizes available.

The minimum bet to accumulate points is 0.5 EUR per spin. The game is played on new slots, which only appear in the project. Points are credited to a personal asset and are published in the tournament table. The system of awarding is as follows:

Betting oddsPoints awarded
500+7 777

Clearly the crediting happens as follows. The player during the tournament made 4 bets with odds x50, x4, x25, x333, on which the administration accepted the payment.

The calculation of the points earned is made in total, namely 300 + 5 + 15 + 777. The winners are those participants who took places from 1 to 50 in the tournament table.

Place Winnings (% of Prize Money) or Freespins
11-2530 FS
26-5020 FS

It is forbidden to transfer points to other tournaments. No ability to increase points earned. If the leader of the tournament table leaves the casino, the accumulation rate of points for opponents increases.The winner is the one who first accumulated the most points.

The winnings will be credited to the bonus account at the end of the tournament. For payment it is necessary to wager it with the weager x3 within 7 days. Only real bets are taken into account. Qualifying machines:

  • Gold Express.
  • Solar Queen Megaways.
  • Lord Fortune 2.
  • Galactic Games.
  • The rules for the tournament are set out in the project’s user agreement. Administration has the right to independently change the conditions before the end of the event. By confirming their participation in the competition, the client agrees to the rules of the competition.

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