Cash Drive Tournament at Drift Casino

Cash Drive Tournament at Drift Casino

From April 26 to May 3, Drift online casino is hosting a Cash Drive tournament for slot machine fans. The race is available to all registered customers betting in qualifying slots. Participation is free. The total prize fund of the tournament is 2000 euros. The minimum bet amount is not set. The tournament table includes 50 prize places. The maximum number of rounds – 10 000. The tournament will end on the 3rd of May at 03:00, Moscow time.

Before the tournament starts, all participating players need to qualify by placing at least 50 bets in certain slots. The mechanics of the competition is a set of rating points. Points are awarded for winning rounds. A more detailed points allocation can be found in the following table:

ActionNumber of points
3 consecutive winning rounds5
A winning round in which the winning value is 15 times or more the original bet15
Two consecutive winning rounds in which the winning value is 15 times or more the original bet50
Winning rounds in which the winning value is 30 times or more the original betting amount100

Suppose a participant made three winning bets in a row with odds x6, x17 and x34 during the tournament period. According to the conditions, the user will get the following amount of points: 5 + 15 + 50 + 100 = 170. 50 participants who finish the stage with the best tournament indicators become the winners. The prize pool distribution by places is given below.

place award
1300 EUR
2250 EUR
3150 EUR
4100 EUR
590 EUR
680 EUR
775 EUR
865 EUR
960 EUR
1055 EUR
1150 EUR
1245 EUR
1340 EUR
1435 EUR
1530 EUR
16-2025 EUR
21-3020 EUR
31-4015 EUR
41-5010 EUR

At the end of the period all prizes will be credited automatically, with no wagering requirements. Only real bets from the main balance participate in the tournament. Spins with bonus money are not counted.

Qualification slots:

  • Maui Mischief.
  • Regal Beasts.
  • Multifly.
  • Razor Shark.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Spartacus Megaways.
  • Rising Royals.
  • Golden Kingdom.
  • Diamond Blitz.
  • Mission Cash.
  • Kalahari Safari.
  • Valley of the Gods 2.
  • Crystal Queen.
  • Golden Pig.
  • Arcane Gems.
  • Jack in a Po and many others.
  • All of the standard rules of Drift Casino will remain in effect while this competition is in progress. Any fraudulent actions with the aim of dishonest winnings is strictly prohibited and will lead to the blocking of the account. By taking part in the competition, the client automatically agrees to all the terms and conditions. The provisions of the bonus policy of the casino also remain valid.

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