Cards, Money, Two Aces: The A-League Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

Cards, Money, Two Aces: The A-League Tournament at Pokerdom Casino

On July 23 at 00:00 Moscow time on the site of Pokerdom rake race “Cards, money, two aces: League A” for fans of Texas Hold’em and Omaha started. Guaranteed prize pool of the tournament is 1,600,000 rubles. All registered users of the casino, playing at the Hold’em and Omaha cash tables are allowed to participate. No need to qualify, no additional fees are required. Number of leaderboard prizes – 25. Playing limits start at 50/100 rubles and higher. Race crediting period will last until August 2, 00:00 MSK.

Winners are determined by the maximum number of points scored by everyone during the game at any of the Hold’em and Omaha cash tables. For each ruble of the generated rake the user receives 1 point. The points are added up over the course of the contest. The more points a player accumulates by the end of the tournament, the higher his position will be in the rating table of leaders.

The prize fund distribution system is shown in the following table.

PlaceReward, rubles
1320 000
2200 000
3140 000
4100 000
560 000
640 000
730 000
820 000
9-1010 000
11-156 000
16-254 000

In addition, 600,000 rubles will be distributed on a Cash Drop basis. All in all there will be 10 drawings with the fixed prize fund of 60 000 rubles from July, 23 till August, 2. The money will be equally divided between all participants, who are active at Hold’em and/or Omaha tables with limits of 50/100 rubles and higher. Users who are in a sit-out at the time of the drawing will not receive a prize.

Funds are paid out automatically after summing up the results of the race. There are no wagering requirements.

Sessions at real Hold’em and Omaha cash tables will be taken into consideration for ranking points.

The Company reserves the right to change the current conditions of the race. By participating in the race, the Client automatically agrees to all requirements. The poker player will be disqualified from the tournament for any fraudulent actions aimed at dishonest winnings.

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