Brake-Fast Race Tournament at Drift Casino

Brake-Fast Race Tournament at Drift Casino

From November 30, 03:00 (MSC) to December 6, 02:59 (MSC) in Internet Casino Drift will be Brake-Fast Race for true connoisseurs of licensed slot machines. Planned prize fund is 5000 EUR. Anyone can become a participant, but only 70 contenders will take the money. The minimum bet is €0.40.

Leaders of the tournament table will be determined by maximum points system. 1 point will be awarded for each winning round. The counting starts with the first spin. Bets must be made in real money. Bonuses and freespins do not count.

For example, player #1 placed a €1 bet and won. He will be credited 1 point for that. But user #2, after a spin, loses. For this round the second will not get a point. The number of spins is limited to 5000.

Everyone will be able to compete for the prize fund of 5000 EUR. Among the applicants there will be chosen 70 worthy, who will get the money. This looks as follows:

PlaceAward, in EUR

All monies will be paid automatically after the end of the credit period. There is a wagering requirement on video slots. The wager is x1. A participant can replay 5000 used rounds and improve the result. To do so, a new round of spins must be completed.

To participate in the competition, you will need to run the tournament slot machines, such as: All Ways Joker, Book of Lords, Book of Pharao, Fortune Girl, Supercats, Lady Fruits 20, Lovely Lady and others.

Participants are subject to the standard rules of the Drift online casino. Violations are subject to disqualification without refund. In this case, all subsequent tournaments will be closed for such a user. The administration reserves the right to change the conditions of the competition at any time.

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