Blazing Phoenix Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

Blazing Phoenix Tournament at Cosmolot Casino

On June 1 at 03:00 Moscow time the “Blazing Phoenix” tournament for fans of slot machines started at Cosmolot. The prize fund of the contest – 3000 euros in real money. All registered users who make bets in the category “Slots” are allowed to participate. The number of winning places – 20. Registration in the race is free. There is no need to pass the qualification. The minimum bet going into scoring is 7 grivnas per spin. There are no maximum limits. Results will be announced on June 16 after 03:00 Moscow time.

During the campaign participants compete with each other, earning rating points for winning bets. For every 30 hryvnias you win you get 1 point. Users accumulate progress throughout the competition. According to the results of the period all the points are summed up and the table of leaders for 30 prizes is formed.

For example, a participant made several bets, for which the total winnings were equal to 8730 UAH. According to the calculations the following amount of points will be given to this user: 8730 UAH / 30 = 291. After the race is over, the top 20 users who completed the stage with the maximum sum of points get to the prize table of the contest and share 3000 EUR between them:

1600 EUR
2450 EUR
3400 EUR
4350 EUR
5300 EUR
6250 EUR
7200 EUR
8120 EUR
980 EUR
1050 EUR
11-2020 EUR

Prizes will be paid within three days of the leaderboard closing. In this tournament, bets are only available from a live account. Rounds played for bonus currency will not be included in the final results. If two or more participants finish the tournament with the same points, the player who received his points first will take the prize.

Qualification slots: Queen of Fire, Book of the Divine, Story of Hercules, Book of Rebirth, Poseidon’s Rising, Joker Madness Christmas Edition, Demi Gods 4, Demi Gods 3, Origins of Lilith, Demi Gods 2: 15 Lines Edition.

The organizer reserves the right to change the current race conditions at any time. All standard rules and regulations of the Cosmolot operator’s bonus policy shall remain valid. The company has the right to refuse a player to participate in this tournament without explanation.

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