Battle of the Express Tournament at 1xBet Casino

Battle of the Express Tournament at 1xBet Casino

Every month, 1xbet online casino hosts a “Battle of the Odds” tournament for sports betting fans. In the competition, 200 freespins, 50,000 bonus points, Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones are raffled off. The grand prize is a choice of a Maserati GranTurismo or Corvette ZR1. Results are announced on the first day of each new month.

No qualification for the tournament. There is no entry fee. All registered users, who bet on sports, are allowed to take part. Only parlays of 3 or more events are taken into account. The minimum bet is 100 RUB. The number of prizes is 10.

The winners are determined by the rating points gained by the player during the month. The number of points credited is calculated as follows: (number of events in a Parlay * betting odds) + bet amount / 100. Each user has only one winning outcome with the highest points counts.


For example, the participant made a parlay bet of 5 events. The odds in this case was x10. The stake is 500 rubles. As a result, the points will be calculated as follows: (5 * 10) + 500 / 100 = 50 + 5 = 55. Leaders with the most points are displayed in the tournament table on the promotion page. The top 10 players with the best results become winners and share the prize pool. The reward system is shown below.

1Car Maserati GranTurismo or Corvette ZR1
2iPhone X smartphone
3Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone
4-5100 Free Spins
6-1010,000 bonus points

Prizes for places 4-10 are awarded automatically as soon as the next stage is completed. Free spins are awarded in the Lucky Wheel game. Bonus points can be used for freebies.

The organizer, represented by BK 1xbet, reserves the right to view players’ transactions at any time. These rules are also subject to change or amendment. If they are violated, the user will be disqualified without the right to receive prizes in case of winning.

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