Backgammon Ride tournament at Vbet Casino

Backgammon Ride tournament at Vbet Casino

From November 8-30 online casino Vbet hold a Backgammon Ride tournament for all those who love backgammon. The participants fight for the prize pool of 46 000 UAH. The award will be given to 32 players who will compete in a private tournament in December. Those who passed the selection can take part. There is no minimum betting requirements.

A maximum point scoring mechanic is used during the tournament. Competitors earn points, which are converted into a cash equivalent. The conversion formula is as follows: 1 C = ₴30, where C is tournament points.

Points are awarded as follows. The buy-ins of all backgammon games are multiplied by 10 points, which are allocated at the start of the championship. If during the competition the user finds himself in the leaderboard, his points, which equate to a win, will be added to the previous result.

For example, if a visitor participates in a tournament with a prize pool of 150 C and wins 15 C, they will receive points according to the formula: 10*0.83 (participation) + 15 (C award)=23.3 points.

The prize fund of 46 000 hryvnias is distributed between all participants of the competition. Only the top 20 of the tournament table earn points. The received points are converted into real money, and the top 6 of the main competition get an opportunity to participate in the special competition in December.

The short backgammon tournament will be held in two stages, on December 5, 2021 at 21:00 (MSC). The prize fund of the first round is 1 000 C and the second round – 500 C. The leaderboard will look like this:

PlaceReward (% of 1,000C)

For the next step, the table is:

PositionPrize (C)

Conversion is made in myAlpari after the reward has been credited. Money does not need to be wagering. In case of equal results, the participant who registered for the tournament first will have the advantage.

During the contest period it is necessary to use any backgammon game offers, which are available at Vbet. The online casino may cancel the competition, as well as change the terms of the user agreement. Players will face cancellation of the results for cheating.

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