Avalon Tournament at Kingdom Casino

Avalon Tournament at Kingdom Casino

Weekly at Kingdom online casino administration holds a competition Avalon, which will appeal to fans of video slots. Winners will share the prize fund of 2500 EUR. A total of 17 prizes will be drawn. Anyone who registered on the site can participate. There is no minimum bet limit.

The system of counting the maximum number of points will help determine the best ones. They are entered into the tournament table according to the formula: 1 EUR bets = 1 pts. Only spins, which were done with real money are taken into account. Bonuses cannot be used. The higher your position on leaderboard, the better the winner’s reward.

For example, to accumulate 200 points for the tournament table, you have to make spins in slots for 200 EUR. You do not have to win on every bet.

The €2500 prize pool will be divided into 17 positions. Freespins are given out as an additional bonus. The leaderboard is automatically updated every 5 minutes. Results will be announced on Thursdays at 23:59 (MSC).

place award
4€50+40 FS
5€20+75 FS
6€10+50 FS
7€10+30 FS
8€10+25 FS
950 FS
1045 FS
1140 FS
1235 FS
1330 FS
1425 FS
1520 FS
1615 FS
1710 FS

Money is deposited into winners’ main accounts after the tournament ends. Free spins are automatically available for use on the race slot. Wagering the reward with a wager is not necessary.

Only one slot can be used during the race – Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. This is an authoring slot created specifically for Kingdom online casino provider BGaming.

All tournament participants are subject to the standard rules of the site. They can be found on the page with the description of the competition. The requirements of the administration are binding. They may be changed during the battle or between stages.

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