Animal Tournament at Casino X

Animal Tournament at Casino X

The Animal Tournament at Joycasino online casino is designed for fans of slots dedicated to fauna. The list of video slots available to play in this promotion includes Monkey Madness, Go Bananas, Panda’s Fortune, Big Bad Wolf, Fat Rabbit, Exotic Cats, Jungle Books, Wolf Gold, Seasons and other slots about wild and domestic animals.

The minimum wager for a game is $0.50, or the equivalent in the currency of the player’s account. Points are awarded according to the odds of winning and the length of a win-win streak. The winner is the one who earns the most points from the race.

Points are generated as follows:

  • the win rate from x1 to x2 is 1 point;
  • from x2 to x3 – 5 points;
  • from x3 to x5 – 10 points;
  • from x5 to x10 – 25 points;
  • from x10 to x25 – 75 points;
  • from x25 to x50 – 125 points;
  • from x50 to x100 – 250 points;
  • Winning ratio over x100 – 500 points.
  • Additionally, points are awarded for win-win series during the game process:

  • for one win – 1 point;
  • for two wins in a row – 2 points;
  • for three wins – 5 points;
  • for four – 10 points;
  • for five – 25 points;
  • for six or more consecutive victories – 50 points.
  • Even more points can be obtained for the activation of the “Boosters” function, if the participant makes a bet higher than the minimum or when the player located above the participant in the tournament table does not start the machines from the list of those declared in the competition within half an hour.

    The tournament has a progressive prize pool, which is made up of bets placed by participants. The minimum guaranteed amount of the draw is 100 euros. The winners are the players with the best 10 results. The prizes are distributed in the following way:

  • 1st place – 40% of the prize fund
  • 2nd place – 18%
  • 3rd place – 11%
  • 4th place – 9%
  • 5th place – 7%
  • 6th place – 5%
  • 7th place – 4%
  • 8th place – 3%
  • 9 place – 2%
  • 10th place – 1%
  • If several clients of Joycasino get the same number of points, the player who was the first to get this result takes the higher place in the tournament table. Cash prizes are credited in the form of bonuses to the accounts of winners with subsequent wagering with a wager of x3.

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