All-in Race tournament at PokerOK (ex GGPokerOK)

All-in Race tournament at PokerOK (ex GGPokerOK)

From 11:00 (MSC) on November 1 to 10:59 (MSC) on December 1, there will be an All-in Race tournament for all poker fans at GGpokerOK. The declared prize pool is 775,000 USD. Every week they draw $25,000 from 1,000+ positions for the winners. Users over the age of 18 can participate. Minimum bet is $0.05.

A maximum points strategy is used during the tournament. Competitive points are scored only if there are 3 or more active players at the AoF table. For each successful all-in, a visitor receives a prize point. Whoever collects the most points in a 24-hour period is placed on the leaderboard.

You can only play for real money. VIP and Featured tables do not participate in this promotion. AoF Sit&Go Hold’em and Omaha have common leaderboard.

The prize pool of 775,000 USD is divided into daily payouts. The tournament table for each game type is as follows:

Limit (USD)Daily PayoutMaximum Earnings
0.50–1$1 06880
1–2$1 85580
2–4$3 21060
5–10$5 35040
10–20$8 25025
5–10$1 4907
AoF Sit&Go

Holdem table winners receive payouts in USD, Omaha winners receive payouts in tournament dollars (C$), and AoF Sit&Go customers receive payouts in tickets for the next event. Each leaderboard has 665 prizes. Winners share the prize money in proportion to the points earned.

Only Hold’em, Omaha and AoF Sit&Go gambling tables are required to participate in the tournament.

The standard rules of GGpokerOK apply during the tournament. Cheating is subject to disqualification without monetary compensation. In addition, the user’s account may be permanently blocked.

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