1xSlots Pickpot Tournament

1xSlots Pickpot Tournament

“Breaking the Cush” is a big tournament held at 1xSlots online casino with the support of slot machine manufacturer BetSoft. The competition is held in 4 stages:

  • first – May 3 to 10;
  • second – from May 10 to 17;
  • third – from May 17 to 24;
  • the fourth – from May 24 to May 31.
  • To participate in each stage it is necessary to bet in selected slot machines. A total of 7 BetSoft video slots were selected for the competition. A complete list of tournament gambling can be found on the page of the competition.

    To win in the first three stages you need to make the highest amount of bets. Bets with real money go into the tournament. In the first and the third stage there is no limit on the minimum bet, but it is necessary to make a minimum of 50 spins to get into the tournament table. In the second stage there is no limit on the number of spins, but the amount of bet must be at least 0,5 euros.

    The prize fund of each stage is 7,000 euros. In the first three stages it is distributed as follows:

    Prize amount, euros
    2 500
    1 500
    1 000

    If two or more contestants with the same betting amount claim the prize, the player with the earliest result takes the higher place.

    The fourth stage takes the form of a lottery. For every €5 bet a player receives 1 raffle ticket. The 7 winners will be chosen at random. Each of them will receive €1,000.

    Prizes will be credited to the winners’ account in real money within 72 hours after the end of the tournament.

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