1xBet Casino Winter Presents Tournament

1xBet Casino Winter Presents Tournament

From January 13 03:01 (MSC) to January 25 02:59 (MSC), 1xBet online casino hosts the “Gifts of Winter” tournament from developer ReelNRG. During the tournament 2,500 free spins will be drawn. There are 20 prizes available in the tournament. There are no qualifications. Participation is free. To compete for part of the prizes can all users of the site 1xBet, registered on the official website of the casino. The level of loyalty does not matter. Betting limits are not specified.

In order to take part in the tournament, a user must log in under his/her account on the operator’s website, go to the event page and confirm registration by clicking on “Participate”. The winners of the competition are determined by calculating rating points. They are accumulated by all participants during the duration of the event.

The points are awarded as follows: the amount of qualification games wins is converted into euros and then multiplied by 100. Example. The user won a total of 3257 EUR during the event. So, in credit of the tournament will be added: 3275 * 100 = 32,570 points. Top 20 participants who would get the most points become winners and get prize freespins.

1700 free spins in Diamond Bonus slot
2500 free spins in Candy Bar slot
3300 free spins in Love Reaction slot
4200 free spins in Gold of Ra slot
5-10100 free spins in Dragon’s Reels Slots
11-2020 Free Spins in Dragon’s Reels Slots

If more than one contender for a prize is set at the end of the period, the player who scores his points before all others will take the higher place. Freespins will be awarded within three business days after the results of the contest are tallied. There are no wagering requirements.

Only real money bets count towards the competition. Spins on bonus currency are not counted. Bets can be placed in 4 slots from the developer ReelNRG: Jingle Bell, The Pinguizz, Pela El Reno, Polar Adventure.

By clicking on the “Participate” button on the tournament page, the player automatically agrees to all terms and conditions of the promotion. The rules may be changed or amended by the organizer of the event at any time without notice to users. The standard site rules remain in effect for the duration of the promotion.

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