Yggdrasil CEO: “Innovation defines the company’s journey”

Yggdrasil CEO: “Innovation defines the company’s journey”

CEO of the internationally renowned gambling software developer Yggdrasil Fredrik Elmqvist gave a wide-ranging interview in which he touched on several topical issues for the company. In particular, he told about the peculiarities of the brand’s development and its emergence as one of the leaders in the gambling industry.

Thus, reflecting on the early days of the company, Elmquist stated that Yggdrasil had always intended to be an organization that “did things differently” – not like its competitors in the market. He emphasized his original desire to create a team that “would not imitate anyone else.”

In his view, using innovation in development helped define the overall vision and vector of development that Yggdrasil now has.

“At that time there were already Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt. They were the leading companies in the industry. Everyone was trying to make something that would mimic the products of these giants. But in reality almost no one was trying to create something of their own, unique, to use other innovations,” Fredrick said.

He continued: “So when I left NetEnt, I had the idea to start from scratch, to try new, fresh things. It was exhausting to create rather than copy the big vendors. But that ended up being the core essence of Yggdrasil as a company. It showed that we had ambition. The creative process formed a community that brought our team together.”

When asked about how Yggdrasil has managed to stay afloat and compete with established industry giants, Elmquist said a methodical approach is fundamental: “You have to think that every day you have to run a hundred meters. But at the same time, you can’t forget about the marathon that lies ahead.”

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