Ukrainian authorities predict tourism boom due to gambling business

Ukrainian authorities predict tourism boom due to gambling business

The leader of the pro-government party “Servant of the People” David Arahamia has expressed confidence that the legalization of gambling business in two years will provide Ukraine with an unprecedented tourist flow. The politician said this in an interview to a local TV channel.

In particular, Arahamia said: “Immediately after the end of the coronavirus pandemic we will start building large hotels. We intend to build at least 10,000 kilometers of modern highways, so in 2022 our country will experience a real tourist boom. But we have to realize that coronavirus can last at least another 8-9 months, so we will have to wait. But all the prerequisites for the blossoming of tourist flows in Ukraine”.

Besides the functionary touched the theme of revenues from operators who will work on the Ukrainian market: “Until the end of 2022 we forecast about 4 billion of income from gambling business. However, so far no bill has been passed that will launch this sector of the economy. In particular, there are big problems in the Tax Code. Many companies that have already indicated their intention to buy our licenses are on hold. We have already compiled a list of licensees, but we cannot yet tell them the terms of operation.”

At the same time, the MP noted that Ukraine is already undergoing reorganization in the hotels where large casinos will operate. According to the official, reputable operators will definitely come to the country.

Recall, the famous Ukrainian political scientist Anton Kuchukhidze talked about the future of the gambling market in Ukraine.

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