Ukraine will receive a lot of benefits from the development of gambling business in the country – expert

Ukraine will receive a lot of benefits from the development of gambling business in the country – expert

According to the head of Ukrainian Gambling Council Anton Kuchukhidze, Ukraine will benefit a lot from the development of mass segment of gambling entertainment in the country. This opinion was expressed by the functionary during the discussion of the current state of affairs in the local industry at the specialized conference “Trends of social responsibility of gambling business.

Theses he confirmed by the recent adoption of several amendments to the Tax Code, which established new amounts of fees for representatives of the gambling industry. Thus, operators will be required to send to the budget 18% of their profits, payment for each employee and additional deductions, including income tax and military charges. The expert also pointed out that investors have already invested in related to the industry businesses about 5 billion hryvnias. The money will be used for the modernization of urban infrastructure and the creation of new jobs, said the head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council.

“The most pressing topic for many people is the income to be received from the activities of legal casinos, bookmakers’ offices and lotteries. I am surprised by the fact that for the last 12 years nobody touched this question, and every day during this period of time our country has lost many millions of dollars. But no one wanted to fight the shadow market. Now Ukraine is in a good position, when the budget is filled with additional funds from the sale of gambling licenses. Today this amount has reached 1 billion hryvnias. We still have time until the end of the year, so we will try to increase the benefit to the treasury,” Anton Kuchukhidze said.

According to him, at the moment the development of gambling business in Ukraine has moved to a positive stage and the country begins to benefit from the entry of foreign companies and wealthy investors into the industry. At the same time, as noted Kuchukhidze, the fight for the integrity and efficiency of the local market is not over.

Recall that Ukraine has engaged in the development of a Memorandum on gambling advertising.

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