Ukraine urged to join the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council

Ukraine urged to join the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council

Last week the head of Ukrainian Gambling Association Anton Kuchukhidze officially announced the creation of a new body within the local jurisdiction – the Ukrainian Gambling Council. According to the functionary, the main task of the agency will unite the organizers of gambling entertainment and the development of a unified Ukrainian gambling industry for its effective interaction with the citizens of the country and media representatives.

Anton Kuchukhidze noted that over the past year, the government has taken a number of important steps to stabilize the situation in the local gambling industry. However, he believes that this process is far from over, so the state should have “internal allies” who will contribute to the civilized development of the industry.

The expert said that a great role played by operators who have received licenses from the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission of Ukraine. However, other structures should have their say. One of them was the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC). According to Kuchukhidze, such organizations can “unite the efforts of the state and business, so that the benefits of legalization would extend to the entire society.”

He is sure that in the near future UGC will become the “voice of the sphere” which will be listened to by the majority. At the same time the analyst urged gambling operators and professional organizations to join the newly formed association.

“Together we are able to realize the biggest ideas. Our work will touch upon different spheres: here is social activity, responsible business, creation of effective policy on struggle against addiction, introduction of amendments into the tax reform. We must create a positive media agenda so that citizens will believe in the effectiveness of the path chosen by the government,” Kuchukhidze said.

In his opinion, when authoritative personalities and large companies come together, the state begins to treat such alliances differently, paying much more attention to their positions. “Only then one can understand that it is not about lobbyism, but about the development of the industry,” Anton Kuchukhidze summed up.

Recall that Ukraine wants to introduce a new tax for gambling business, but deputies refuse to consider it.

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