The expert summed up the results of gambling business in Ukraine in 2020

The expert summed up the results of gambling business in Ukraine in 2020

The head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine Anton Kuchukhidze at his press conference summarized the results of gambling industry development in Ukraine in 2020. The expert noted that for the first time in the history of the independent state of Ukraine the authorities began to solve the problem of legalization of gambling in a civilized way, taking into account all current trends in European countries.

Kuchukhidze stressed that this process in Ukraine went quite smoothly, despite the fact that the vast majority of experts even before the signing of the bill by President Vladimir Zelensky were skeptical about the prospects of gambling in Ukraine.

Among other things, the list of achievements in the legalization of gambling business analyst included the creation of a single regulator of the sphere of gambling. Kuchukhidze confident that Ivan Rudy, appointed as head of the agency will be able to provide the most transparent and competent process to attract operators.

The head of the Gambling Association noted that the supervisory authority has already launched a program to protect players from the negative effects of gambling and created a registry, which will include all people exposed to the development of gambling addiction.

The expert also stressed the importance of creating an Advisory and Expert Council on the basis of the regulator. It will include real specialists in the field of jurisprudence, economics and development of the gambling entertainment sector, rather than managers of specific companies, as it was supposed earlier.

Kuchukhidze added that the Ukrainian authorities have already established fruitful contacts with foreign investors who are ready to take an active part in the development of the gambling services market in Ukraine.

Recall that in 2021 gambling operators will provide Ukraine with 7.5 billion UAH.

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