The casino Tigre de Cristal raffled off 8,000,000 rubles among VIP-players

The casino Tigre de Cristal raffled off 8,000,000 rubles among VIP-players

Tigre de Cristal is a seaside casino known for its regular promotions and events for regular customers. From October 1 to December 26, members of the VIP-club are drawing 8,000,000 rubles. Any guest of the casino can compete for part of the prize fund. The key condition – the customer must be a Crystal Club cardholder.

Cristal Privilege Club – an internal casino loyalty program. By becoming its member, the guest receives exclusive benefits of using the establishment’s services. When playing slot machines, points are accumulated, thanks to which the status of the card is raised and new privileges become available to the player. Also earned points can be exchanged for various services: hotel accommodation, dinner, drinks and free games.

To take part in the promotion, a member of the VIP Club must purchase a ticket in one of the following ways

  • 1 member ticket for every 500 status points earned between 01.10.2020 and 26.10.2020.
  • 1 ticket for every win in any Supergame from October through December.
  • Exchange 500 points for 1 ticket.
  • Ticket issuance and exchange will take place no later than one week prior to the start of the Supergame. Members must be personally present at all stages of the draw. Ticket acceptance closes 15 minutes before the start of the first round and resumes after its completion.

  • Round 1 – December 26, 21:00 (GMT+10).
  • Round 2 – December 26, 23:00 (GMT+10).
  • Round 3 – December 27, 01:00 (GMT+10).
  • Each participant may claim only one prize per round. A guest must present their ticket, Crystal Club card and ID document in order to claim their prize.

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