Swedish gambling operators demand clarification on how deposit restrictions work

Swedish gambling operators demand clarification on how deposit restrictions work

Sweden’s gambling industry has demanded clarification on new deposit limits from the National Gaming Inspectorate, claiming that the temporary restrictions have created “chaos.” Gustav Hoffstedt, general secretary of the Swedish Online Gambling Trade Association, said the National Gaming Inspectorate should issue guidance to licensees detailing how the weekly limit of 459 euros should be applied.

Gambling companies have interpreted the new rules in very different ways. Some of them included sports betting in the list of restrictions, despite the fact that this type of gambling entertainment is not included in the directive of the Minister of Welfare.

Hoffstedt stated, “Now the main task of the National Gaming Inspectorate is to quickly clarify the issue of deposit restrictions. We are in a situation where neither private nor public companies understand how to proceed. Different entities have different interpretations of the new regulation. The question is, who actually benefits from it, other than companies that are outside the licensing system?

Most of the gambling company lawyers I’ve talked to are of the opinion that the regulations are unworkable and poorly written. This leads to misinterpretation. Measures that are not based on facts can lead to aggravation for both licensed companies and their customers.”

Recall that a mandatory weekly deposit limit of €459 and a limit on bonus offers of €9.63 went into effect on July 2. This was done to control players’ spending on gambling during the crisis due to the coronavirus. The restrictions will remain in effect until the end of 2020.

The limits were originally announced in April, the measures were to apply to all forms of gambling starting June 1. However, Welfare Minister Ardalan Shekarabi said that the restriction would only apply to online casinos and would take effect in July.

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