Swedes spent almost €600 million on gambling in the quarter

Swedes spent almost €600 million on gambling in the quarter

According to a statistical report from Swedish gambling authority Spelinspektionen, Swedish residents spent 6 billion SEK (€586.9 million) on gambling entertainment in the third quarter of this year. Compared to last year, this figure rose by 1.3%.

Despite Sweden’s tough fight against illegal gambling establishments, according to estimates of British Research agency, the offshore operators in the period under review, the Swedes spent from 627 to 740 million Swedish kronor (about € 72.3 million).

In addition, the regulator noted a significant increase in players with gambling addiction. Thus, under the Spelpaus exemption program, 56,000 players were banned from visiting casinos at the beginning of the third quarter. But by mid-November that number had risen to 58,000.

Recall that Russia may have a single regulator of the gambling sector.

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