State Duma tightened control over casino winnings

State Duma tightened control over casino winnings

Russia will tighten supervision over tax revenues from individuals’ gambling winnings. The new document has already been considered and adopted by the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The initiator of the bill were representatives of the Russian government.

In the process of preparing the law, the norms governing the operation of cash registers were analyzed. The results showed that there are a number of gaps in this issue, which do not allow fiscal authorities to properly regulate the tax base for the calculation of personal income tax from winnings in casinos.

From now on the law prescribes the need to display the specific recipient of services (his details, passport data or identification number) in the receipt or forms of strict accounting of the gambling establishment. On the basis of this information will be to identify and identify advisers in the tax bases.

The commission of state control in the field of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the application of cash registers will monitor compliance with the requirements established for the execution of these documents.

The amendments to the January Tax Code determine the taxable base for individuals’ income from participation in gambling games as a positive difference that is obtained after deducting the amount of money spent on games from the total amount of winnings for a particular period.

Recall that the British company GVC Holdings officially appealed to the German authorities with a proposal for the step-by-step adoption of updated legislation on gambling.

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