State Duma changed the rules of taxation of winnings in casinos

State Duma changed the rules of taxation of winnings in casinos

The State Duma passed a law changing the principle of taxation of casino winnings. As Leonid Simanovsky, deputy chairman of the budget and taxes, told RIA Novosti, citizens are now required to pay tax on the difference between winnings and the amount spent on bets.

If a player spends 10 thousand rubles to buy chips in the casino and won 100 thousand rubles, he will have to pay taxes on the net winnings, that is, from 90 thousand rubles. The amount of payments will be determined before the end of the tax year according to the data provided by the casino operators. After receiving this information the tax authority will form a payment document and send it to the taxpayer.

Under the old rules, the player had to file large winnings data with the IRS himself.

In addition, under the new law, winnings by foreigners in Russian casinos will not be considered income from Russian sources. Simanovsky suggested that this would simplify the paperwork and attract an additional flow of tourists to the country.

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