Poker lover wins more than £180,000 at Grosvenor Casino in Canada

Poker lover wins more than £180,000 at Grosvenor Casino in Canada

A man has won a jackpot of more than £180,000. He got such a big win playing poker at the popular Grosvenor Casino, located in the Canadian port city of Yarmouth.

So, 68-year-old Briton Ian Kettle from Colchester, England decided to try his luck not in a bookmaker’s office, as he did regularly, but in a casino poker room. Remarkably, he learned the basic rules of this table game just six weeks before he visited Grosvenor Casino.

After sitting down at the table, accompanied by his wife, Kettle received several hands, one of which brought him the highest poker combination, a flush royal. As a result, he hit a jackpot of £182,232.

Immediately after the resounding success, the couple, who had been married for 46 years, called their children, telling them the happy news, tipped the dealer, and then treated every player who sat at the table to a beer.

Ian Kettle commented on his unexpected win: “I was absolutely stunned when I realized I had the winning combination. I had to double-check and then look at the cards again. Only then could I believe what had just happened. I think the other players at the table and the dealer must have done the same thing I did when I showed them my cards. I went to tell my wife about it, and then we called our kids. They just couldn’t believe it.”

Thomas Sharp, general manager of Grosvenor Casino in Yarmouth, added: “We’re very happy for Mr. Kettle. It’s so great to see our customers win the jackpot. The joy that follows such a huge win is beyond explanation.”

Ian Kettle and his wife have not yet decided what to do with the money they won. However, they have already transferred £30,000 into their grandchildren’s account to provide them with a “better life.”

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