Parimatch Tech officially announced the acquisition of mr.Fish and PokerMatch

Parimatch Tech officially announced the acquisition of mr.Fish and PokerMatch

Renowned developer of technology and marketing solutions for major online casino operator Parimatch, Parimatch Tech, has announced two major deals. Thus, the brand has significantly expanded its influence in the European gambling entertainment market through the takeover of mr.Fish and PokerMatch.

The former specializes in performance marketing, providing cutting-edge user engagement services for the gambling industry, while PokerMatch is a Ukrainian online poker operator and is among the world’s leading companies in the sector.

By integrating mr.Fish into its network, Parimatch hopes to improve its own technology by targeting Eastern Europe. In this region, the operator maintains a leading position in the gambling industry. It focuses on a wide range of digital services, including affiliate marketing, SEO and retention.

Yuri Titkov, executive director of mr.Fish, welcomed his company’s acquisition of the Parimatch brand: “We have been a strategic partner of Parimatch Tech for quite some time. We develop marketing projects together and work on upgrading our technological facilities. This merger is a logical step. It is aimed at strengthening our position in several regulated markets and obtaining new licenses from reputable regulators. I believe in the capabilities of our team, and we are focused on achieving unprecedented heights.”

Meanwhile, the takeover of PokerMatch has been described by its new owner as a “value-added product” that will expand Parimatch Tech’s entertainment offering to its customer base. The fact that the company is a partner of the All-Ukrainian Sports Poker Federation and the title sponsor of the Ukrainian national team for this type of gambling entertainment also adds value to the deal.

Recall, according to the expert, legal gambling business in Ukraine benefits both the state and ordinary people.

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