Only 10% of gamblers admit to being gamblers

Only 10% of gamblers admit to being gamblers

Companies YouGov and IGRG conducted a survey among gamblers to study their gambling habits and attitudes. A total of 2,000 people participated in the study.

According to the survey results, only 10% of gamblers admit to being gamblers. According to the experts, people do not count themselves as gamblers by mistake because they sincerely do not consider some games to be gambling. For example, 42% of respondents do not consider slot machines, 33% – lotteries, 29% – scratch cards. At the same time, the researchers note that every second person buys lottery tickets, every third person buys scratch cards, and every fifth person bets on sports events.

The survey organizers also examined people’s attitudes toward gambling. More than 77% of those surveyed said they had enough information to gamble safely. 55% chose the statement that gamblers should not spend more than what they can afford as their main thesis, and 32% supported the idea that gambling hobby should not interfere with building personal relationships.

“Every problem gambler once thought they didn’t have a problem. Most play responsibly and only for fun, but the thought of the dangers of gambling should come instinctively to people, like the desire to buckle your seat belt as soon as you get in the car,” said IGRG Chairman John Hagan.

Earlier, the American Gaming Association studied the attitudes of U.S. residents toward gambling. It turned out that one in two Americans speak positively about gambling and believe that the establishments help the local economy by creating jobs.

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