Online casinos in Belgium obliged to return money to customers

Online casinos in Belgium obliged to return money to customers

The Belgian Gambling Commission (BGC) has set a weekly limit on losses at online casinos. Now Belgian gamblers cannot lose more than 500 euros a week in online gambling. Changes are associated with a sharp increase in the popularity of online casinos on the background of self-isolation of citizens because of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19. In this way the regulator tries to protect Belgians from major financial losses.

The rule became mandatory for all BGC-licensed sites. The Commission appealed to gamblers to remain vigilant and inform the organization of situations in which operators do not comply with the new requirements. It is reported that in this case the casino will be fined and obliged to return the player the funds spent in excess of the declared limit.


Also representatives of the Belgian Gambling Commission reminded gambling fans that they have the right to further limit their own spending on bets by setting their own limits on the casino website.

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