Nevada closes slot machine bars due to the spread of the coronavirus

Nevada closes slot machine bars due to the spread of the coronavirus

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has imposed additional restrictions related to Covid-19. The measures were taken after several state bars with slot machines closed due to cases of infected customers.

On July 10, the “Increased Criteria for Disease Transmission” guidance was published. The document emphasized that the state is now in the second phase of a recovery plan after quarantine. The Nevada Gaming Control Board can impose monetary fines and revoke licenses for failing to cooperate.

The statement said, “In the interest of public health and safety, and to slow the spread of Covid-19, certain establishments (bars, pubs, taverns, etc.) must close to the public beginning July 19 at 11:50 p.m. This applies to establishments located in Nevada counties that have an increased risk of disease transmission, as described below.”

There will be closures of establishments in those counties that meet two of three criteria:

  • Average number of tests per day. Districts that conduct an average of less than 150 tests per day.
  • Incidence rate. Districts with more than 100 cases.
  • Test positivity. Districts with more than 25 cases and more than 7% positive tests for coronavirus.
  • The decision may be reconsidered after two weeks. In order for a county to reopen, it must show a positive trend in controlling the virus.

    Also, county management must present a plan for reopening that includes measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

    The closure of the major Las Vegas casinos is not yet out of the question. But all visitors are required to wear protective masks. Previously, this measure was advisory in nature.

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