More than half of Ukrainians opposed the legalization of casinos

More than half of Ukrainians opposed the legalization of casinos

The research group “Rating” conducted a survey among the residents of Ukraine about legalization of casinos. It turned out that more than a half of citizens are against the initiative to legalize gambling in the country.

58% of respondents are categorically against the legalization of gambling. Slightly more than a quarter (27%) agree with the idea to legalize gambling, but on condition that it would be concentrated only in specially designated areas. Only 11% of participants were in favor of the law. The number of participants in the survey was not disclosed.

It also turns out that lotteries are the most trustworthy among the Ukrainians of all types of gambling entertainment, and slot machines are considered the most unacceptable. Ukrainians are also skeptical about the idea to legalize online casinos.

Now there are nine draft laws on gambling under discussion in the Verkhovna Rada. They stipulate the rules for the legalization of land and online casinos. Presumably the license for gambling activities in Ukraine will cost at least a million dollars, but the cost could rise during the auction. The timing of the bills has not yet been disclosed.

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