Live games brought Evolution a 69% increase in revenue

Live games brought Evolution a 69% increase in revenue

Evolution’s operating revenue grew 69% in the fourth quarter of 2021. As a result, the provider’s annual profit exceeded the amount of €1 billion ($1.14 billion).

Due to the high demand for live casinos, Evolution’s respective segment grew by 49% between October and December 2021. This led to a dramatic increase in operating income and continued consistent growth for the online casino game developer.

In fact, profits from live titles accounted for about 3/4 of Evolution’s total profits for the three-month period. In total, they brought in more than 237.4 million euros. Meanwhile, the developer’s other business – random number generators (RNGs) – also showed good results. Revenues amounted to 62.9 million euros, a 9.4% increase over the previous year.

Gross revenue also increased significantly. The company showed significant growth both in the fourth quarter and in 2021 as a whole. Between October and December, net sales totaled more than 184 million euros. The company’s activity in the fourth quarter brought in a profit of €300.2 million and revenue for the full year of almost €1.07 billion. Accordingly, in this statistical segment Evolution showed a growth of 90%.

Evolution CEO Martin Karlesund said, “The fourth quarter of 2021 produced a first-class result. It reflects the strength of our business model and the value of our strategy to focus on improving the player experience.”

He also added: “Revenue growth continues to be driven by strong global demand for live casinos. However, the bottom line was also positively impacted by the revenues of the GSC direction.”

Evolution’s CEO also stated that the company’s arsenal of live games increased by 300 tables during 2021, totaling about 1,000 titles. This is the most serious addition to the developer’s catalog.

“This is a testament to the talent, ability and determination that characterizes the global Evolution team,” Karlesund added.

As the director additionally noted, the company’s success seems even more significant when one takes into account the additional challenges faced during the second “pandemic” year.

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