Large-scale reform of Latvian gambling establishments awaits

Large-scale reform of Latvian gambling establishments awaits

Leaders of the Latvian party “Razvitie/Za!” have sent a bill to the Ministry of Finance, which is designed to make significant changes in the operation of gambling halls. According to the parliamentarians’ statements, the initiatives outlined in the document will be able to significantly reduce the negative impact of casinos on Latvian citizens.

In particular, the deputies proposed to entrust the process of licensing operators to the National Inspectorate of Gambling and Lotteries. Previously this was done by local governments of regions, which have repeatedly been accused of bias and lack of transparency.

Also the document contains the initiative to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages and a complete ban on smoking in casinos.

In addition, it is proposed to make changes to the exterior design of gambling halls – now they should not stand out strongly against the background of the urban infrastructure.

The party also intends to achieve an increase in the minimum duty from casinos, which the institutions pay to the budget. Politicians believe that in this way they will be able to reduce the number of operators providing substandard services.

Recall that Macau authorities are considering legalizing online gambling.

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