Kyrgyzstan proposes to build a casino for foreigners

Kyrgyzstan proposes to build a casino for foreigners

Representatives of the Kyrgyz parliament, responsible for the implementation of economic and fiscal policy, have received a proposal to build a completely new gambling zone on the coast of Issyk-Kul. The author of the initiative is deputy Baktybek Turusbekov.

The functionary said that the implementation of the proposed bill could open up completely new opportunities for Kyrgyzstan both in the economy and in the tourism industry. In addition, the casinos, which will operate only for foreigners, will attract multimillion-dollar investment in the country, able to ensure the sustainable development of the state.

“We already know that the authorities have banned totalizators and other gambling businesses from operating in the country. However, this prohibition has only a negative effect. We have lost a lot of money, not less than 540 million rubles, which could have been directed to social needs. In addition, the casinos would have provided employment for at least 11,000 jobs. My project is that the gambling zone will be available only to foreign nationals. It would be closed and inaccessible to local residents.”

He further added: “We have to provide investors with a transparent operation. I note that this area will be not only entertainment facilities, but also a large tourist area, a roomy hotel, currency exchange offices and restaurants. I also propose to introduce here visa-free access, so that the players could easily come, get the necessary services and go back. In the pursuit of profit, we must not forget our citizens, who need to be protected. If for some reason a resident of Kyrgyzstan gets here and loses a large sum of money, the casino will be forced to return him the entire amount. In this way, we will be able to impose mandatory liability on the operators.”

It is important to note that on the territory of Kyrgyzstan since 2012 gambling activities are completely prohibited by a separate law on gambling.

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