Kuban authorities demanded to close the casino in “Krasnaya Polyana

Kuban authorities demanded to close the casino in “Krasnaya Polyana

The authorities of Krasnodar region demanded to close the gambling establishments in Krasnaya Polyana due to the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus infection. The corresponding order was signed by Mikhail Sinitsyn, acting head of the Department of Property Relations.

According to the published document, gambling establishments with more than 100 people at a time fall under the ban. Authorities imposed a special regime until May 1, 2020. Whether the establishments will be paid any compensation is not specified.

The Krasnaya Polyana IRZ appeared in 2016 by order of the federal authorities. To date, there are three gambling establishments in the region: a slot machine hall “Bonus Slots”, as well as two casinos – “Boomerang” and “Casino Sochi.”

Earlier, Vladimir Ilyushin, vice president of the Gambling Business Association, claimed that the gambling establishments would not interrupt operations because of the Covid-19 outbreak. He stated that the casinos are legal entities that are subject to the laws and stressed that so far they have not received any special orders.

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