In the Kherson region intends to create the first gambling zone in Ukraine

In the Kherson region intends to create the first gambling zone in Ukraine

In an interview to Ukrainian News the governor of Kherson region, Yuri Gusev, said that the region is actively working to legalize gambling. Moreover, the authorities have already begun the process of looking for investors to implement the plans.

In his interview, the functionary said: “Last October, I was the initiator of the first forum on the territory of Ukraine, dedicated to the prospects of gambling business in the country. It was attended by foreign delegations who shared with us effective strategies for the development of this industry. After this event we realized that Kherson region has everything to become a successful region for the development of the gambling industry.

In addition, Yuri Gusev admitted that he discussed with members of parliament the possible creation of a gambling zone on the territory of Kherson region. He noted the existence of an order from the Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, in which he ordered to develop the concept of creating such a cluster in Kherson region.

Recall that Ukraine will direct the proceeds from the legalization of gambling business to the social sector.

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