In the IRC “Primorye” stopped the construction of the casino

In the IRC “Primorye” stopped the construction of the casino

Cambodian investor of Primorye gambling zone NagaCorp Ltd. stopped the construction of a large hotel and entertainment complex Naga Vladivostok. This may be the reason for changing the launch date of the IRK’s third casino. Earlier the company announced plans to put the complex into operation in 2021.

Konstantin Shestakov, a representative of the regional government, commented on the situation: “We wish to see this project implemented as soon as possible. We want to see not just a concrete frame, but already finishing work. However, the pandemic dictates its own terms. Our Cambodian partners signed a contract with contractors from China, but because of the quarantine they were not able to finish the work on time. So a key set of work has been postponed until next year.”

Notwithstanding this, it is reported that the zone’s management is holding substantive negotiations with companies from Europe and Thailand to enter the “Primorye” IRC projects.

Recall that the IRK “Primorye” will receive 7 billion rubles for infrastructure development.

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