In the gaming zone “Primorye” 50% of road infrastructure is ready

In the gaming zone “Primorye” 50% of road infrastructure is ready

According to the press-service of the “Primorye Territory Development Corporation”, as of today about 50% of all road infrastructure is ready on the territory of “Primorye” gambling zone (GC). First of all, roads and other communications have led to the sites where construction of large investment projects will soon begin.

For the implementation of this part of the project, according to financial statements, will spend about 1.4 billion rubles. In total, the construction of new tourist infrastructure IZ will need at least 5.6 billion rubles. The entire funding package is fully coordinated with the regional budget and investor companies.

In addition, the builders have already stretched an additional water pipeline connecting the main network of water facilities and the Shambhala Casino. Also in the final stages of opening are the pumping and sewage station, power, internet and communication lines.

According to the “Primorsky Krai Development Corporation,” the region has managed to sign 8 contracts with domestic and foreign companies. The total amount of investment will be about 65 billion rubles. Taking into account the costs of the regional budget, this figure will eventually reach the mark of 117 billion rubles.

Recall that the construction of a casino was halted at the Primorye IRC.

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