Hard Rock will open its own casino in London

Hard Rock will open its own casino in London

One of the leading gambling operators Hard Rock International has announced that it has purchased a license to open a casino in London. The company said it wants to strengthen its credibility “in the home of Hard Rock.”

The operator has purchased permission for casino space from London’s Ritz Club. The deal will allow Hard Rock to open a large land-based gambling establishment in the English capital, continuing its expansion into major cities around the world.

According to company executives, this strategic move lays the groundwork to build credibility. Hard Rock International bosses are confident that the new London institution will complement the company’s other offerings in locations such as Hollywood, Florida, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and many others.

“We look forward to expanding our offerings in London and bringing our award-winning hospitality, games and entertainment to the company’s home country,” said Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International.

In 2020, the company launched Hard Rock Digital, a joint venture with other gambling majors, to serve as Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming’s exclusive online gambling tool.

Earlier, it was reported that Hard Rock International has shown a substantive interest in obtaining a Japanese license, despite Hokkaido Prefecture’s withdrawal from bidding in 2019. The operator reportedly intends to compete for one of the four remaining licenses in Nagasaki, Yokohama, Wakayama or Osaka.

Recall that about 20 casino operators have applied for a Ukrainian license.

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