Google announced a new feature to block gambling ads

Google announced a new feature to block gambling ads

IT giant Google will soon add a new feature to its advertising settings. The update will allow users to regulate the amount of gambling ads when using the company’s products.

The corporation’s press office said that the process of activating this feature was launched only after receiving feedback from users who said they would prefer to limit advertising in certain “sensitive” topics. In addition to gambling, it will also be possible to reduce the amount of alcohol advertising.

Completely disabling annoying ad windows is another Google feature. It allows you to block ads in a certain category. However, users can change their mind if they change their mind.

In a statement on Google’s website, the company said that the new feature “is an additional step that allows users even more control over their advertising preferences.”

The feature under consideration will be rolled out gradually. First it will be officially introduced in the United States, but early next year the company expects to introduce it for Google Ads and YouTube around the world.

“We will continue to improve our own controls. As our products and user expectations evolve, so will the features we make available to personalize ads,” the developers added in their official release.

It is worth noting that this fall the Italian National Communications Authority launched an inspection of Google advertising campaigns, accusing the corporation of violating government regulations on gambling advertising.

Recall that Great Britain will open the world’s first treatment center for female gambling addiction.

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