Google and Apple removed 700 gambling apps from their services

Google and Apple removed 700 gambling apps from their services

Major Internet companies Google and Apple began removing illegal online casino and gambling apps from their digital stores. In total, more than 700 illegal programs were found on Google Play and AppStore that were collecting subscribers under the guise of third-party apps.

The offenders were discovered by Trend Micro. Using keywords, the firm’s staff identified hundreds of apps disguised as non-gambling services. Most often the programs recruited an audience under the guise of ordinary video games, travel apps, weather forecasts and did not actually match their description in the stores.

To pass moderation, the creators of the programs offered authorized content to users at the launch of the services, but later added cash games to their apps.

The services were popular among mobile device owners – most of them had high ratings and positive reviews.

This is not the first time illegal gambling-related apps have been posted. In 2018, Apple removed thousands of lottery-related apps from its Chinese store. The company resorted to a radical method to tighten regulation and avoid criticism from state media.

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