Georgian authorities have identified a list of citizens who will have their access to online gambling restricted

Georgian authorities have identified a list of citizens who will have their access to online gambling restricted

The Georgian government wants to seriously tighten the regulations of online casinos on the territory of the state. The initiator of the bill is Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili. His plan implies the restriction of access to online gambling almost a million people.

Note that the politician recently announced the need for a phased ban on online casinos in Georgia. The first step involves increasing the tax burden on gambling operators by 65-70%. In addition, it is planned to increase the age limit from 18 to 25 years for admission to online casino services, as well as to adopt a register of persons who are prohibited to participate in the gambling business.

“Our team has already thought over the list of citizens falling under new norms. Firstly, the toughening will affect the unprotected layers of the population receiving social support. Secondly, the register will also include civil servants and people who refuse to play on their own. We are also preparing the adoption of a blacklist. It will include only those who will be forbidden to register at online casinos by a court decision or after appeal of relatives. According to preliminary estimates, up to one million of our citizens of adult age will fall under the restriction”, – said Irakli Garibashvili.

The functionary also added that the reforms will also affect the sphere of gambling entertainment advertising. According to the Prime Minister, the popularization of this industry on television will be completely banned, as well as advertising on billboards or on the Georgian Internet. The only legal option would be a sponsorship agreement between sports organizations or teams and online gambling operators.

At the same time, the opposition supported Garibashvili’s gambling project, but called it “populist.”

Recall that the expert called Ukraine the most effective country in the launch of the gambling market.

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