Gambling recognized as the highest-paying sector for marketers

Gambling recognized as the highest-paying sector for marketers

The British publication Marketing Week has published the results of a study showing that the gambling industry is the highest-paid sector for marketers in 2022. And those who work for charities or nonprofits bring home the lowest average compensation for their work.

In addition, a study titled “Careers and Salaries in 2022” conducted by Marketing Week experts found that the field of computer games is also one of the highest paying for marketing professionals. Such conclusions were drawn after an analysis of 24 different business sectors.

For example, marketers in the computer and gambling industry earn an average of £66,749. Next are the travel and transportation fields (£64,759), followed by consumer electronics (£64,478).

Meanwhile, marketers working in the charitable or nonprofit sectors earn the lowest salaries. On average, it’s £45,804. Next are the consumer goods industry (£49,213), retail and wholesale, and e-commerce (£50,921).

The average wage in the Marketing Week study was calculated from a survey of respondents working full-time (35+ hours per week). Only base annual compensation was included in the sample; any additional payments, including bonuses, were excluded.

In addition to the sensational message about the benefits of the gambling sector for marketers, the study yielded a few other surprises. As it turned out, the highest paying industry for women is the financial sector (£59,062) and the least paid is the charitable and non-profit sector (£40,406). On average, male marketers are paid the most in the automotive industry (£77,592) and the lowest paid in consumer goods (£46,775).

The research data also shows the range of pay increases in marketing as people advance in their careers. Overall, pay ranges from £29,600 for a specialist to £115,400 for a director.

Recall that live games brought Evolution a 69% increase in revenue.

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